The Sacramento Breastfeeding Coalition’s Subcommittee on African American Breastfeeding has arranged for Brandi Gates, IBCLC to provide a workshop at the upcoming Gathering for Glory conference, taking place Thursday, April 25th at the South Sacramento Christian Center. Gathering for Glory “seeks to bridge the wisdom, perspectives and experiences from the faith-based community with those of advocacy groups, stakeholders and services providers, as well as our Black Child Legacy Campaign communities, to reduce African American child deaths in Sacramento County.”
Brandi’s talk is entitled “African American Breastfeeding: Reclaiming OUR History, Heritage and Health”. She will be discussing how breastfeeding is a part of African American culture, yet has been undermined in the African American community, leading to health disparities. She will also help attendees identify strategic ways individuals, faith-based and community organizations, and hospitals can advocate, educate and support African American breastfeeding women and their families. 

Brandi is an engaging, approachable and powerful speaker, and we are honored to have her speak at this local event, where individuals and groups from a variety of backgrounds will be present, all with the singular goal of reducing African American child deaths in Sacramento. Please share the link below and encourage your friends and colleagues to attend.

You can find details and register for this FREE event here:

-SBC Subcommittee on African American Breastfeeding

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